Language Programs


Elementary School German/English two-way or dual immersion program.

In grades kindergarten to five, students receive core subject instruction taught exclusively in the German language. German and English instruction rotates weekly and is continuous. In this model an academically challenging learning environment is provided which brings children of two different language groups together to learn from and with each other in an integrated setting. In opposite weeks both immersion languages become the vehicle of instruction for all subjects offering students the opportunity to acquire a well-rounded language proficiency in both languages. At the end of 5th grade all German immersion students are given the opportunity to participate in the German language diploma exam level A2. For more information about the exam, please go to the 5th Grade class link on this website.

For more information about our German language programs and related topics such as the German Exchange Program please visit our German resource website.


Middle School German or Spanish foreign language instruction.

In grades six through eight, students have the choice between German or Spanish foreign language instruction at their language level.

It is a focus of our middle school language program to deepen language fluency and literacy, with respect to communication, culture, grammar and writing skills.

In the German language program we prepare students for either the DSD B1 exam and/or AATG test in 8th grade.