AfterStein (ELO-P)

AfterStein is available on both our elementary and middle school campuses.  We offer students an expansion of the  school day with social, emotional, academic, and physical well-being at the forefront.  AfterStein seeks to provide students with unique clubs, academic specific support, tutoring, physical play, and sports all while continuing to foster a safe and healthy learning environment. AfterStein is funded by the California Department of Education’s Expanded Learning Opportunities Program.

ELO-P Plan Guide

AfterStein Hours

Elementary School AfterStein

AfterStein is open on all regularly scheduled school days (unless otherwise notified) from dismissal to 5:00 PM

Middle School AfterStein

AfterStein is open every day school is offered after the first week of school until 6pm. Clubs and sports follow a more gradual opening process depending on the club organizer and sports season.




all eligible AEA students will have access to skills-based academic and enrichment opportunities that extend the high quality programs at AEA.

to extend high quality learning and enrichment opportunities for all eligible AEA students and to strengthen the home-school connection through an emphasis on diversity, access and equity.

 to provide additional support to all eligible AEA students in order to strengthen skills acquisition, cultural appreciation and health and wellness.

Elementary School AfterStein Program and Procedures

For more information about our program and procedures please read the  Elementary School AfterStein Handbook for Families.

Elementary School Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child join AfterStein?

Elementary AfterStein is by invitation only at this time. We are very excited to offer this free program to selected students and their families for the first time. Since this is a new program we had to start small, but rest assured we are working hard to grow AfterStein and offer it to more students and their families, as soon as possible. AfterStein (ELO-P) funds are designated by the California Department of Education for English Language Learners, students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch and foster youth.

How many students are currently enrolled in AfterStein at the elementary school?

We have approximately 130 students enrolled in AfterStein at this time.

Can I choose which clubs my child attend?

No.  AfterStein seeks to incorporate student voice. Therefore students will practice using their thinking and self-management skills, by selecting which enrichment clubs they would like to attend.  Students in transitional kindergarten and kindergarten will not need to select which clubs they attend, they enjoy both enrichment clubs opportunities everyday, for an abbreviated amount of time.

Are there any other after school enrichment opportunities or childcare available?

Yes!  We do have some other after school programs available on our campus.  They can be viewed on our school website or by clicking here.

AEACES AfterStein Contact Information

Call or text the AfterStein phone at 619-985-6635.

AEACES AfterStein Questions or Concerns?

Middle School AfterStein Program and Procedures

Traditional Track

Your child attends AfterStein after school and participates in their schedule.  They will have outdoor play with access to PE equipment, homework help and tutoring, enrichment activities designed by staff including outside vendors, plus access to technologies and food/drink ordering on specific days.

Hybrid Track

Your child checks-in and then attends a club or sport. After the club or sport, your child returns to AfterStein to continue with their activities until picked-up.

Club/Sport/Enrichment Only Track

Your child checks-in and then attends their club or sport. After the club or sport they are picked up.

If you cannot pick up your child within 20min of the club or sport ending, your student will join AfterStein.  You can reach them at 619-985-1761 for pick-up.

Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child join AfterStein? Can my child join a club? Can my child join a sport?

Yes to ALL, please reach out to Matt Vozzolo at mvozzolo@aeacs.org to plan your after school experience.

Where does my student go after school?

All students in any and all after school programs, sports, and clubs must check-in at the MPR (Multi Purpose Room) with the AfterStein staff.  There will also be a snack provided for them if wanted. 

Can I choose which clubs my child attend?

Yes, there are many clubs, sports and enrichment activities offered every day of the week.  Update schedule

Can we choose what days to participate?

Yes, we offer the opportunity to join the programs that work best for you and your family.

Can we change what “Track” works best for our family?

Yes, we strive to make this experience as family friendly as possible.

Middle School AfterStein Contact Information

Call or text the AfterStein  phone at 619-985-1761.



Middle School AfterStein Questions or Concerns?

If you have any additional questions or concerns not addressed in the handbook, you may email Matt Vozzolo at mvozzolo@aeacs.org

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