Welcome to the 2022-23 school year at AEA!  This is the start of our 21st year of operation, and we are grateful for the continued trust and support of our community.  As we head into the new school year, below are a few items of note:

  • AEACES is in the midst of a large-scale campus modernization.  While this is exciting news it also requires us all to be more flexible and patient, in particular at student drop-off and pick-up times.  Please follow the guidance and direction from our AEACES staff as they adapt in order to keep all students safe.
  • Over the summer the real estate purchase was completed for the future home of the AEA high school!  The high school will be located just south of the AEACMS site and is slated to open in Fall, 2024 (note: this date may change depending on the pace of the project).  This is a wonderful step forward for our schools, as the dream of a high school is as old as AEA itself.  The next 12 months will be a period of planning and design, and while the building may still not change visibly from the outside, rest assured that important work is being done on the project.
  • Please remember that the AEACMS campus has two student drop-off and pick-up areas (one at the front of the building facing East, and one on the West side through the alley.). In order to reduce congestion and maintain safety please take advantage of the drop-off/pick-up area through the alley as this area has been underutilized so far this year.
  • The AEA Board of Trustees will be holding its annual strategic planning meeting August 31 beginning at 3 pm on the AEACMS campus.  This is a public meeting, and the agenda will be available within 72 hours of the meeting by going to aeacs.org and clicking Board of Trustees.


Dr. Sciarretta