With just over a week left in the regular calendar school year (though it feels strange to think about it to say the least) we continued our daily free food and technology support today. Our intention is to distribute food on a daily basis even after the official close of the school year, until further notice.

The Feeding the Front Lines event in collaboration with Luna Grill was another success today, with all 250 meals distributed in about an hour.

This Saturday, June 13 at 9 am is the next Covid Relief Fund food distribution event at the AEACMS campus. Remember that we hand out non-perishable food boxes only while supplies last.

Our leadership team is in the midst of budget planning in preparation for the June 23 Board of Trustees meeting. The Board must approve the 2020-2021 budget before June 30, so this meeting will be an instructive one to watch (click Board of Trustees button from the AEA homepage). School districts and charter school organizations each take their own approach to budget planning—some, like AEA, rely on a combination of strategic reductions that seek to protect staff and students and also draw responsibly on reserve funds; others push the State and Federal governments for more funding; some take more drastic measures. We are all facing the same sobering budget realities across our State and nation, but I believe that our approach in times of crisis will speak loudest about who we are as an organization.

Stay safe, healthy and human.