As we wrap up the first week of closures, once again I want to thank all who have given of their time, energy and expertise in meeting the needs of our community both online as well as in person.  Teachers and staff are working in conjunction with their principals to continue ramping up online instruction and support for students, and doing so in a thoughtful, measured and age-appropriate manner.  Staff volunteers have also stepped up in a huge way this week, distributing more than 500 breakfasts and lunches and hundreds of laptops to families.  I am working on having AEACMS listed as a community food distribution site, which would mean that the CA Department of Education would authorize us to distribute food to any individual 18 years of age and younger.  Stay tuned for more information on this soon.

The longer the closures and State-mandated restrictions continue, I anticipate the number of families requiring support with food and other items also rising.  My heart goes out to those who are impacted directly by COVID-19, whether health-wise, work-wise and/or financially.  I pledge that our leadership team will continue doing whatever we can to support our staff, students, families and community.  If there ever was a time to put aside differences and come together–digitally at least for now–this is it.  Our leadership team is working diligently to protect the organization and the greater AEA family, and on behalf of our principals I can say that we appreciate the many kind comments of support and solidarity we have received.

As California is front and center in the national news (see above as just one example) based on decisions from Governor Newsom, please know that I am working on a daily basis with our principals to monitor multiple sources of information that can provide possible direction moving forward.  None of our leadership decisions are taken lightly, and we collaborate actively on all guidance and communication that goes out to the staff and community.

Stay healthy and safe.