As we reach the midway point of our first week of school closures, despite the rain we will continue to distribute food and technology to any families who show up at our middle school campus. Many thanks to AEA staff who have signed up to support these efforts.

Yesterday the CA Governor indicated that he believes schools will be closed until the Fall. I will be participating in a conference call with the CA Department of Education today to get more details, and will push those out to the AEA community as they become available.

I want to express my solidarity with our community, and especially those impacted economically by the pandemic. The closure of restaurants and other businesses where people typically congregate will no doubt ripple through our community, our city and our State. I am committed to doing whatever we can at AEA to support all members of our community. This is the time to come together, to set aside any differences we may have thought were significant in the past, and do what we can for the common good.

I will be releasing a video message to our community later this week with more information.

Stay healthy.