Today was our first opportunity distributing free personal hygiene bags in addition to breakfast and lunch at our middle school campus. We handed out all 600 meals within two hours, and over 100 hygiene bags. I am thankful to all the volunteers from our staff, and proud that AEA is still the only charter school organization located within the boundaries of our authorizing school district to distribute free food to anyone 18 and under through an independently managed food program (i.e. not through school district food services).

Assembling free hygiene bags for distribution to AEA families.

We have committed to free food distribution until this pandemic situation stabilizes and the local economic indicators improve. As mentioned previously, I will blog on a daily basis 5 days a week at least until the closures are rescinded.

Please make note of the times, Monday-Friday.
This beautiful tree couldn’t care less about COVID19. Let’s all try to find some solace in nature.