This morning as part of AEA’s commitment to feeding free breakfast and lunch to all families who show up at our middle school campus, our team distributed more than 50 bag meals to go.  We are anticipating an increase in demand going forward, and encourage all families to participate, regardless of income status.

We are also in the final stages of preparedness for distributing free laptop computers and vouchers for free high-speed internet access to more than 100 k-8 families tomorrow on our middle school campus.  Our goal is to have all students positioned for online learning by Wednesday, March 18.

I realize that the transition to online learning will not be seamless; it will present itself differently depending on grade level, teacher/staff experience, and whatever additional challenges families may face at home.  I encourage our community to remain calm and to be tolerant and flexible as we move into this new arena.

The most important thing is that everyone remains safe and healthy.  The health button on the AEA site has medically-sound tips for staying healthy.  This is where we will post any updated information from government authorities should these be released.  We are also creating a link to a confidential phone number on the AEA website where our community (staff and parents) can call to identify any needs they may have at home. We are committing energy and resources and will do all we can to meet the various needs of our community.