Expansion Plans


On October 14, 2014 the AEA Board of Trustees directed the AEA Executive Director to create a High School Task Force with the goal of researching and crafting a plan for a future AEA high school academic program. One of the goals of this task force will be to assist in writing the AEA High School charter petition that will ultimately be submitted to San Diego Unified School District.

AEA High School Task Force

The AEA High School Task Force has been formed with the following members:

Brad Baquial

Greta Bouterse

Jenny Bustamante

Eric Cross

Libby Dominguez

Juan Hernandez

Martin Huschke

Corie Julius

Kristi Marian

Margaret McClean

William Melton

Steve Milton

Cathy Montes

Britt Northup

Heike Paulsen

Donny Powers

Barb Robinson

Richard Santini

Birgit Schafer

David Sciarretta

Mathias Semik

Isabelle Senk

Wendy Teasdale

Ben Vollrath

Angela Wastrack

Jen Wessels