At their Spring 2018 strategic planning retreat the AEA Board of Trustees discussed a wide range of topics related to student achievement, organizational culture, financial sustainability and the future of our schools.  After conducting a SWOT analysis in which they examined Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to the organization, the Board issued the following five commitments intended to guide and support staff for the next year and beyond:

  1. ACADEMIC RIGOR: all students will be engaged at a high level for every instructional minute of every day.
  2. ACHIEVEMENT GAPS: all staff will work to eliminate achievement gaps between groups of students and administration will establish a comprehensive system to monitor student achievement individually and guide early intervention.
  3. ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE: all staff will support and enforce the AEA student uniform policies.
  4. STUDENT CULTURE: the Board reaffirms its commitment to the IB Learner Profile attributes in a spirit of inclusiveness for all students.
  5. GROWTH AND EXPANSION: the Board recommits to the creation of an AEA high school and directs administration to move forward with a plan.