This time of year is always very busy for the entire AEA community, with students finishing up requirements for the year, 5th and 8th graders preparing for promotion/graduation, and our leadership team planning for next school year and beyond.  Below is a partial list of some of the projects I’ve been involved with on behalf of AEA the past two weeks:

  • Weekly meetings with AEA Leadership Team as a group as well as individually
  • Proposition Z meetings regarding AEACES site modernization project
  • Preparation and submission of Proposition 51 facilities bond application to the CA Department of Education to offset some of the cost of site modernization
  • Preparation and submission of SB 740 funding application for lease cost reimbursement for AEACMS facility
  • Preparation and submission of information in advance of annual bond rating conference call with Standard & Poors rating agency
  • Weekly meetings with AEA board leadership
  • Preparation of agenda for June 6 board meeting
  • Finalizing budget numbers for AEACES and AEACMS LCAP documents
  • Participation in El Dorado SELPA Executive Committee retreat and quarterly meeting to close out fiscal year

I hope this provides a partial picture of the ongoing projects I’ve been involved with.  Have a safe Memorial Day.