These are some things I’ve been working on this week:

  • Worked with leadership team and AEA finance committee to finalize budget drafts and presented budgets to AEA Board on May 9.
  • Weekly meetings with AEA leadership team, operations manager, and Board leadership.
  • Provided variety of staff support to AEA Board for their May 9 meeting.
  • Fundraising calls and communication in advance of Friends of AEA annual gala taking place June 3.
  • Interface with charter authorizer regarding variety of matters including food services plans for next school year.
  • Assembling financial and enrollment information in preparation for annual Standard & Poors bond rating surveillance call.
  • Participated in El Dorado SELPA Executive Committee meeting.
  • Attended Friends of AEA monthly meeting.

I hope this provides a partial picture of some ongoing work I’ve involved in on behalf of AEACES and AEACMS.

Dr. Sciarretta served as principal of AEACMS since the school’s founding before being promoted to Executive Director of AEA in 2013. With a B.A. in history and political science, an M.Ed. in cross-cultural teaching, a California Administrative Services Credential and a doctorate in Educational Leadership, Dr. Sciarretta is committed to life-long learning. His doctoral dissertation explored California charter school principal communication techniques with a focus on leadership storytelling. A 1993 Thomas J. Watson Fellow, Dr. Sciarretta has lived and worked in Mexico and Central America and is fluent in Spanish. In addition to his leadership role at AEA, Dr. Sciarretta is active on non-profit boards as well as on a statewide level with charter school policy-making, political advocacy, and consulting. Dr. Sciarretta enjoys spending time with his daughter, exercising, reading and international travel.