This week I’ve been occupied with the following matters:

  • Following up on items that arose at the March 7 AEA board of trustees meeting.  This includes additional information gathering and agenda creation in order that the board has sound information for their April 11 meeting.
  • Preparing for the CCSA Member Council meeting that I will attend next week at the annual CCSA conference in Sacramento.  As representative of Region 9 for CCSA, I strive to be the voice of our membership and the over 100 charter schools in my region on matters of accountability, pending legislation, compliance, etc.
  • I was invited to participate in the Workforce and Education committee of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.  This committee has the goal of strengthening bonds between educators and the workforce.  I will attend monthly meetings of this committee as well as various chamber events on behalf of AEA.
  • Helping to position AEA for the 2017-2018 school year especially regarding changes in legal requirements and district procedures related to finance, human resources, etc.
  • Ongoing budget planning as we prepare to present a draft budget to the AEA board at their May meeting.

I hope this provides a partial picture of some ongoing projects I’m involved with on behalf of AEA.