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AEA Friday Leadership Message

Executive Director’s Message Dear AEA Families: As you will note from the list of events below, November and December are very busy months at AEA.  In this light please mark your calendars: November 16-20 are parent/teacher conferences, and students will be on minimum-day schedule for the entire week. This week our nation celebrated Veterans Day, an opportunity to pause and honor those who have served and sacrificed for our country.  As the grandson of a World War II veteran who seldom spoke of his service, I believe that we should honor veterans with more than just one day a year.  I hope that we can all take a moment at the next opportunity and thank a military veteran for their service. One of the cornerstones of the International Baccalaureate is a commitment to serving others.  In both AEA schools our students and staff work tirelessly to improve the world we live in, whether through service outings, awareness-raising campaigns, fundraising efforts, and so much more.  Our elementary students have kicked-off a school-wide campaign to fund our ongoing commitment to Cindi and Pablo in Guatemala City.  Cindi and Pablo are supported by the non-profit organization Safe Passage/Camino Seguro ( which provides much-needed educational and medical services in one of the most empoverished places on earth.  Much gratitude goes to the AEA students who have been contributing to this cause in small and large ways (one student cashed out his entire savings and donated it, but wished to remain anonymous).  When I see students’ selfless commitment to serving others I remain optimistic about the future of our planet and all of humanity....

AEA Friday Leadership Message – October 30, 2015

Executive Director’s Message Dear AEA Families: As we wrap up the final week of October, please remember to set your clocks back one hour starting this Sunday, November 1 at 2:00 am in accordance with daylight savings time. With this extra hour to sleep we should all be energized to arrive on time to school on Monday! I would like to thank all parents who have made a concerted effort to keep our students and community safe by adhering to traffic laws and the rules of common sense and courtesy at drop- off and pick-up times. A few things to keep in mind on this topic: Private businesses adjacent to our elementary campus are not intended for parking by non-customers. Please refrain from parking especially at Benny’s restaurant on the corner of A Street and 30th Street unless you are going to dine at this restaurant. This establishment has limited parking and as the posted signs indicate, non customers who park in this area (even if they are AEA parents) will be towed. Three minute zones on both our elementary and middle school campuses are intended for student drop-off and pick-up only. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in these zones. For the safety of all students please have them exit or enter your vehicle on the curb side. Avoid having your student exit or enter your vehicle on the street side into oncoming traffic flow. Pay attention to and heed direction of AEA staff who are assigned to support our community with safe student transportation. Please consider using the alley entrance at the middle school. Working together...